We’re tweeting! We’re blogging!

In last week’s class, I required all my students to have a Twitter account (about half the class already had one, but many were inactive), complete with a photo and bio, and to add at least 100 people to those they’re following. The idea is to teach the importance of using Twitter to listen, to find and follow sources, and to think of their Twitter accounts as an important part of their digital identity.

I’m pleased to say that nearly everyone did the exercise successfully. A couple still need to add some followers (you know who you are).

I’ve just created a Twitter list for the class.

She’s not currently enrolled in J395, but [X]press associate online editor Tabitha Russell did a superb job of live tweeting Obama’s State of the Union speech the other day. She went well beyond just quoting the speech, by providing real-time context via links and inviting others to join the conversation. This should be a model for any student wishing to live tweet an event.

In today’s class we’ll be joined by Eve Batey, the current editor of the SF Appeal. Before launching the Appeal, Eve was the deputy managing editor and blogging editor at the Chronicle, and before that the editor of SFist. She’ll be here to talk about her career in blogging and journalism and about what makes good blogs good and bad blogs bad. Eve has impeccable taste when it comes to news and blogging and I know she’ll have a great impact on the class.

Over the next week, students will be posting to their new blogs (most of them are new, at least) and adding links to their blogroll. I’ll soon be adding links to their blogs here.

The readings and homework assignment for next week have been posted here.

Questions, comments, suggestions? Leave a comment below or DM me on Twitter.


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