Going above and beyond: two examples

Photo of a balloon in the shape of a gold star with London in the background

Now that the semester is in full swing, I wanted to highlight the work of two students who are already showing their willingness and ability to go beyond the assigned work.

In Thursday’s class we started talking about recording audio interviews, and students practiced interviewing each other. I didn’t require them to edit and publish these interviews, but Daniel Gamberg went ahead and did it anyway, very nicely in fact:

Daniel has a strong interest in radio journalism and so it’s nice to see him making this kind of extra effort.

Accolades are also in order for Graham Henderson, who is blogging about the Sausalito waterfront this semester. For one of his first posts, he went to an art festival during the Labor Day weekend and did a nice job of capturing the atmosphere of the event in words and pictures. I appreciated the fact that he got some quotes from a handful of artists and that he took his own photos.

Nice work, Daniel and Graham. You get a gold star.

(Photo: Lars Plougmann)


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