In which your intrepid teacher explains where he’s been, then looks forward to another amazing semester at SF State

Image macro of a disappointed-looking cat on a laptop saying, "Moar bloggings plz."

I finally got into making image macros. In 2010.

Long story short, I ended up having to move across town in November and in the process completely lost the will to feed this beast, hence the dreaded RSS Jack-o-Lantern which never seems to go away.

Other things I’ve been busy with the past three months, other than not blogging: not photoblogging, tweeting more often, and reading dozens upon dozens of students’ blog posts (see the left column for lots more).

This spring/winter/whatever I’m excited about the opportunity to co-teach with Staci Baird, aka @profbaird aka @girljournalist. We’re teaming up for this class as well as Digital News Gathering. Students, I hope you’re ready to work hard and have fun, because if you’re not, then you are doing it wrong.

Please have a look at the new-and-improved course syllabus (subject to change) and guidelines for student blogs. Also, for your enjoyment, I’ve updated our curated collection of great multimedia stories. If you have a suggestion for something we should include, let us know in the comments.

For those of you who are new to blogging, watch & learn:

(Original cat photo by Flickr user dougwoods. LOLspeak by Justin.)


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