Student stats for spring 2011

On the first day of each semester I poll the students about their various media habits. Last time around I turned the data into pie charts. This time, just for fun, I made word clouds using Wordle, where the size of the word indicates its frequency among the 29 students’ responses. Color is just there for decoration.

Word cloud of my students' favorite news media

Where do you get your news?

Word cloud showing whether students use an RSS reader

Do you use an RSS reader such as Google Reader?

Word cloud showing whether my students have a Twitter account

Do you have a Twitter account?

Word cloud showing how often my students use Twitter

How often do you use Twitter?

Nothing too surprising here, although it’s worth noting that one person included webcomics as a source of news, which I think is pretty cool (it’s too small to see in the word cloud). I’ll add that as an option in next semester’s poll. Also, plenty of students still read newspapers. What is up with that?


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