#OpBART Mondays continue today with protests set for 5 p.m.

#OpBART 5 poster by @exiledsurfer

#OpBART 5 poster by @exiledsurfer

If you’re planning to be at #OpBART 5, please let me know on Twitter. Meeting time is the usual 5 p.m. at Civic Center and possibly other BART stations. Follow the #OpBART hashtag for live updates.

Meantime, I spoke with BART spokesperson Jim Allison on the phone this morning. Here are the highlights:

  • Jim said he plans to ask the media if they’d be willing to stay in a designated area behind police tape at #OpBART 5 today and that the designated area would be set up so the media can see what’s going on, unlike the situation Thursday at #nofare.
  • Jim is sorry about what happened to journalism students at #nofare. He offered to come to @sfstatejdept and meet with us.
  • One of the challenges, said Jim, is that many journos show up to #OpBART without creds, some with agendas. Said it’s the “new state of journalism.”
  • Jim’s tone seemed to suggest he accepts that journalists with an agenda is part of the “new state of journalism.”
  • Jim asked me to give him a heads up when @sfstatejdept students plan to cover #OpBART. I said I would, whenever possible.
  • When he visits @sfstatejdept, Jim will explain how students can file complaints with #BART police if they feel they were mistreated.
  • Jim said @SFBART won’t limit access to #OpBART protests only to journos w/ credentials. He said @SFPD initiated cred check at #nofare.
  • Jim agreed that it was scary at #nofare when @SFBART police forced media out, preventing us from seeing what was happening inside.
Be safe out there today!


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