The fall is coming!

An orange sabokitty made with MS Paint by pixplz

I drew cats during the summer

Welcome to the first week of the fall semester of Introduction to Online Journalism!

I’ll be your teacher, Justin Beck.

I am really excited to be back teaching Intro to Online (Journalism 395). Last time was during the fall 2011 semester. What have I been up to since then? Among other things:

What lies ahead for Intro to Online this semester? No one really knows! The future, it’s hard to predict. But check out the course outline in the syllabus for what I have planned, if you’re into that sort of thing. I made a few additions for the fall of 2012:

  • Intermediate livestreaming
  • Intro to graphic journalism, comics journalism, cartoon journalism, or whichever term you like the best

I rotated in some new items on the reading list, including:

If there’s anything you’d like to recommend for the reading list, let me know in the comments!

I also did a little data visualization in bar chart form to show how students in the spring 2012 Digital Newsgathering class answered the question of how difficult it was for them:

Chart: How difficult is Digital Newsgathering? (Spring 2012)

This is what I hoped for and expected!

How difficult will it be for the students who have taken Digital Newsgathering and are now starting Intro to Online? If the past is any indication, it could be somewhat more challenging:

Chart: How difficult is Intro to Online? (Fall 2011)

Moar blogging is part of why it’s harder.

Questions or suggestions? Leave ’em in the comments!

Black and white photo of someone in Oakland walking near graffiti that says "Take it back! Circle-A!"

19th and Telegraph in Oakland. I got really into instant street photography this summer!


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  1. Excellent post, i surely enjoy the blog, keep on it.

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