Dispatch from Cat Town #1: Hey, I’m actually teaching Online Journalism again!

Photo of Zeke the cat by pixplz

Hello again, everybody! I’m writing to you from Cat Town. That’s what I call the micro-neighborhood where I live near the corner of 3rd and Balboa in SF. I’ve been spending my time off work here immersed in novels by Haruki Murakami. (Cat Town is also a place his book 1Q84.)

Every once in a while I wander outside to do some street photography. Besides the cats who live in the area (that’s Zeke up above, looking otherworldly) I also like to take pictures of dogs:

Photo of Gabrielle the bulldog by pixplz


Photo of sheriffs eating burritos by pixplz

And birds:

Photo of pigeons in SF by pixplz

Among other life forms around San Francisco. That was my summer.

A year has gone by since I last taught this course, when it used to be called Introduction to Online Journalism, and I feel super lucky to be teaching it again.

I’ve made a few changes to the syllabus, most notably:

Niche blogging will still be the main event in this course. I’m hoping it’ll be an opportunity to take the knowledge and skills you gained in Digital Newsgathering and apply them toward learning more focused and more complex storytelling techniques.

So welcome, or welcome back! Ready for an adventure?


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