Homework assignment #2

“Top Secret pic of @ggreenwald and some of his co-conspirators at their secret lair,” via Jeremy Scahill

Due by the start of the Sept. 12 class meeting

1. Read:

2. After you get the go-ahead from me, launch your WordPress.com blog. Choose a visual theme (not the default one).

3. If the theme you chose automatically comes with an “About” page, fill out that page with 2-3 paragraphs explaining what your blog is about (example). Use present tense, e.g. “This blog is…” rather than future tense, e.g. “This blog will…” If your theme doesn’t include an “About” page, make one (instructions). Include on your “About” page a way to contact you.

4. Make a blogroll with 5 to 10 blogs related to your subject area (instructions).

5. Direct message me on Twitter with a link to your blog so I can subscribe to your RSS feed and follow your work throughout the semester.


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