Homework assignment #4

Graphic by Ross Mayfield:

Due by the start of the Sept. 26 class meeting

1. Read (or review):

2. Come up with at least 1 discussion question about any of the topics covered in the reading, and be prepared to discuss the question(s) in class.

3. Read this blog post by Nitasha Tiku about the former CTO of Business Insider. It’s a good example of how to use hyperlinks effectively. Study how the author uses hyperlinks and try to adopt this style of linking. Pay attention to the words included in the links, and click through on some of them. Links are especially useful for sourcing facts and giving your readers some background information.

4. Review the grading rubric for written blog posts. Then, post at least one written entry on your blog (250 words or more). Research at least one relevant hashtag that people are actively using on Twitter, then tweet a meaningful headline and a link to your blog post, and include the hashtag(s) in your tweet. Here’s an example of a meaningful headline in a tweet.

(Art by Ross Mayfield)


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