Homework assignment #5

Due by the start of the Oct. 3 class meeting

1. Read the grading rubric for micro video sequences. In a blog post, embed at least 2 Vines by you (or Instagram videos, or Tout videos or something similar) that show some action. Here’s how to embed a Vine. Here’s how to embed a video that you’ve edited and uploaded to Vimeo (recommended if you aren’t using a smartphone to record your footage). For Instagram or Tout videos it might be easier to link to, rather than embed, the videos. One of your videos should be a sequence that compresses the time it takes to show something happening. The other can be a creative video that breaks the rules of shooting sequences, if you want. Include at least 150 words that help to describe the facts of the story, give background and context, and tell people anything else they need to know to understand the story.

2. Research at least one relevant hashtag that people are actively using on Twitter, then tweet a meaningful headline and a link to your blog post, and include the hashtag(s) in your tweet.

3. Read:

4. Come up with at least 1 question about any of the topics covered in the readings, and be prepared to discuss the question(s) in class.


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