Homework assignment #7

Photo of a cop who Tased me

The cop who Tased me

Due by the start of the Oct. 17 class meeting

1. Read the second part of Alex Blumberg’s manifesto

2. Review the grading rubric for audio stories. Then, conduct 15-20 min. audio interviews with at least 2 sources. If you hear an opportunity, record a few minutes of ambient sound.

3. Log each of your interviews. Be sure to include time codes every couple of minutes or so in your logs. Here’s an example of a log (yours doesn’t need to be verbatim like this one).

4. Optional: Post at least one written entry on your blog (250 words or more). Research at least one relevant hashtag that people are actively using on Twitter, then tweet a headline and link to your blog post with the hashtag(s).


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