Homework assignment #10

Due by the start of the Nov. 7 class meeting

1. Review the slides from the Oct. 31 class, if you want. Then, post your audio story to your blog (via SoundCloud) along with a 2-3 graf written intro and any other relevant media (photos, etc.). Research at least one relevant hashtag that people are actively using on Twitter, then tweet a headline and link to your blog post.

2. Read:

3. Come up with at least 1 question about any of the topics covered in the reading, and be prepared to discuss the question(s) in class.

4. Research an idea for a 3-5 2-4 minute video story. Your idea should be specific – a story, not a topic. Email me a brief pitch (100 words or fewer) describing what the story is about, what’s interesting about it, 2-3 possibilities for sequences and any other b-roll, and 2-3 possible interview sources.


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