Homework assignment #15

Due by Dec. 17 19 at noon

1. Read “Why you should never trust a data visualization” by John Burn-Murdoch

2. Review the slides from class, then find some data that’s relevant to your blog. Using infogr.am (you can sign in with your Twitter account) or another data visualization tool of your choice, create a bar chart, column chart, pie chart, doughnut chart or line chart that accurately represents your data. Give your chart a descriptive title. And remember to cite the source of your data at the bottom of your chart.

3. Publish your chart by clicking the “share” button near the top of the screen in infogr.am. Next, click the “view on the web” button, then copy the link to your new chart from the address bar of your browser. Embed the link in a blog post along with 100-150 words explaining anything that readers need to know about the chart. Include a link to the source of your data. If you want, you can also embed a screenshot of your chart in your post. (Unfortunately, wordpress.com won’t let us actually embed an infogr.am chart.)

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