Digital storytelling examples

Please suggest your favorite examples of online journalism in the comments.

Real-Time reporting

Greensboro lunch counter sit-in, sponsored by Goldman Sachs (Susie Cagle/David Colburn)

“What is your badge number????” (Bella Eiko)

Cops visit #lakeviewsitin (pixplz)


Ira Glass: In The Event Of An Emergency (Prologue and Act One)

Ira Glass and Sarah Koenig: #1 Party School (Prologue)

Ira Glass: Retraction

Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson: A Burst Of Gunfire, And A Marine Lost In Marjah

Sean Cole: Are Animals Creative?

Shereen Meraji: Digital Tears

Sally Herships: A Slow Media Movement

Robert Krulwich: Babies’ Cells Linger, May Protect Mothers

Audio slideshows

Colin Mulvany: Artificial Eye Maker

Lane DeGregory and Melissa Lyttle: The Girl In The Window

Luis Sinco: The Marlboro Marine

Mel Melcon: Pullman Porter and family patriarch

Cassie Harwood: Rik Olsen Teaches SFCB Students Linoleum Printmaking


Dai Sugano and Ken McLaughlin: Torn Apart

Washington Post: A Day With The Body Collectors

Jacob Templin: Inside The Mind Of A Sudoku Master

Ricky Montalvo, Bernadette Tuazon and Evan Vucci: An Apollo Legend

Drea Cooper & Zackary Canepari: Scrapertown

cartoons, COMICS and graphics

Susie Cagle: Occupy Oakland in one minute

Susie Cagle: OPD vs. Susie C.

Luke Radl: Chicago is my kind of town


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